Netflix Alternatives & Similar Apps Like Netflix for Android

Netflix Alternatives: Netflix is one of the top-notch players in the video streaming industry. It has successfully set its footprints with the benchmark of live steaming, original content and TV programs. It is one of the service providers, which allow you to view TV shows and movies at a very reasonable rate. The industry has also got many other service providers in the same segment; they are also not behind in the race. They also tend to supply the same stuff with the only difference in mode of delivery. For instance, some are ad-based, while others are subscription based. This article discusses about some Netflix alternatives that you can opt for, which are worth your money and time.

Netflix Alternatives & Similar Apps Like Netflix for Android


  • Hulu Plus

Practically, Hulu is one of the toughest contenders of Netflix and one of the high quality service providers in the industry. It was launched in the year 2008 and has succeeded in creating a rich network in TV channels. The only aspect wherein Hulu raises its shoulders and brags is its capacity to air current TV episodes; however, they are broadcasted after one day. Their only USP is the Criterion collection, but the rest of its content like the House of Cards or Daredevil is not so happening. The offerings are quite meagre as compared to Netflix.


Hulu content is completely free if you are viewing it on your PC, but you have to open a paid account in case you want it to stream on other devices and it would cost you around $7.99/month. Also remember that paying for it will not debar you from seeing the commercial during the streaming.

  • Amazon Instant Video

Amazon Instant video is one of the solid alternatives to Netflix as it has something that is quite unique than the offerings that the other players have. It is availed by paying for one year and offers you with an amazing content library with 2 days free shipping combined with many more unbelievable perks.


The show got a substantial hype for the broadcast of HBO past content, which were also broadcasted with Netflix, but the matter of fact is that right now it is planning to move towards creating its original content and recently it came with a new show from Top Gear Gearguys. Amazon Instant Video is a collection of free and paid content; it is very easy to buy and rent videos and add to your library.

  • YouTube

One of the toughest competitors in market, YouTube is a channel meant for amateurs. It is really a channel that is quite serious about delivering its viewers with a vast array of TV shows and legal movies. It offers real HD and SD level videos. It’s a great alternative for Netflix.


These are the top three service providers in the industry, which have affixed their spots prominently as some strong Netflix alternatives. If you are not able download Netflix, you can try out one of these.

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