Netflix Apk 4.10.1 Download for Android – Latest Version!

Netflix APK: Netflix is the next generation app to watch movies, Tv shows, episodes on your Smart Phone. It is considered as a world’s leading subscription service with an attractive monthly rate. However, they offer first month subscription free to the members. Get the updated and latest version of Netflix APK on your smart device and enjoy all its features and services. Netflix APK 4.8.5 is available now, go and get it now from the link given below.

All the movie lovers around the world are very much excited now with the arrival of Netflix APK in the market as it’s the smart way to watch TV shows, episodes and movies online right on your phone. Netflix is basically a movie and TV episodes streaming app which is available for Android, iOS both the platform. And this Netflix APK is only for the Android users who like to enjoy watching shows and movies online with an affordable monthly subscription rate.

Netflix Apk Download for Android:


Get the Netflix APK installed on your Android phone and become a member of Netflix. After signing up with them, you will be getting one month free trial period. And after that subscription fees are there where you need to pay a fixed monthly amount.

Netflix is considered to be the best subscription channel or we can say best online streaming app for watching TV shows, episodes and movies. And nowadays, its the most popular online streaming app. They have a huge database, so you can watch all your favorite Hollywood TV series or movies whatever you want. The subscription package is really very good and affordable. You can access on Netflix at anytime you want.

Netflix APK – Download it and be a member of the community.

For a new user, they have an amazing offer. The first month subscription is free of cost, that means it was for the trial period. After the trial period expires, if you want to continue their service, you can choose from their monthly service plans. It will be conveyed to you if you show your interest on them.

So, now with Netflix, there will be unlimited entertainment. You do not need to worry at all if you miss your favorite TV series or episodes due to any work or busy schedule. You can watch it on your vacant time on Netflix.

Get the updated version of Netflix APK now.


The latest and updated September version of Netflix APK 4.8.5 has been released by the developers and you can easily get the APK on your phone. The updated version will be more efficient and loads very fast. The APK is available on Google play store. And you can easily get it from there. It is just a one tap installation process. No need to download from a third party website at all. Get the official Netflix APK from play store now.

Netflix will give you a huge set of features. You can watch an unlimited amount of shows and serials and even you can create your own playlist. Not only this, You can recommend Netflix your favorite shows and movies too.

Amazing Features:


  • The Netflix membership will provide you an unlimited access to your favorite TV shows and movies with an affordable monthly subscription plan.
  • You can watch as many movies and TV shows you want instantly.
  • Easily search the title of the movie or a show and within the fraction of seconds the searched results will appear.
  • Their database is updated on a daily basis. So you can access all the new and recent released shows and movies.
  • You can recommend and rate a movie or show. So, from next time Netflix will show you options based on your choice and recommendation.
  • If you are a member of Netflix account, then you can watch a movie or any show on one device and next time, you can resume your previous watched show on another device after logging into your account.
  • The layout design of the app is very simple and easy to use. User friendly.
  • Audio and video quality both are good enough and loading time is less. So, if you have a fast net connection on your Android phone, you can watch your shows flawlessly on Netflix.
  • The subscription of Netflix membership is on the basis of a month to month subscription package. So, you can cancel it at any time.

Install the latest Netflix APK on your Android:

Download and install the latest and updated version of Netflix app from Google play store. You can directly search it on play store or we are also giving you the download link of play store here. So, don’t just sit dull, go and get the app from Google play store.

Download Netflix APK from Play Store

Now, you will have the APK file. So, register yourself on Netflix, became a member and enjoy the first month free subscription.

Netflix App for Android, Download it now for free for your device!

Netflix App for Android: Netflix is one of the leading and best services for online streaming and on-demand video. In January this year, it rolled out its services for Indian consumers too. Netflix for android is versatile in nature and its performance is comparable with its desktop service. For those who are not aware of its dexterity in the digital world, it is an online streaming service that is subscription based and can be used on a host of devices across platforms. It can run both on iOS and Windows-based smartphones, PC, Apple TV, Xbox, tablets etc.

Netflix App for Android, Download it now for free for your device!


Its customer base is spread across 190 countries and has over 70 million members. It is a convenient way to watch movies and shows. Once you download the app, you are given one month free trial period post which you are charged. If you do not want to continue after the trial month, you need to cancel it at the end of the trial month. Its membership works on a monthly basis and it can be cancelled at any time though you won’t be refunded any money if you cancel it mid-month. The service is country specific; it means you can enjoy it only in the country where you subscribed it. To watch, you will need a broadband connection with good speed and a device to stream Netflix.

Netflix App for Android Download

It has a wide choice of movies and shows, which are arranged under specific headings. So, it becomes easy to search. It also suggests the content spot on based on what the person has viewed earlier. A lot of movies that are not generally found on other streaming platforms are available here in best quality. The application is easy to us; the videos load quickly and it has an impressive library to choose from.


The account setting to avail Netflix service is an easy process. The account can be set up from TV, PC, smartphones etc. – whichever is convenient for you. Once you try to set up the account, you will be prompted to choose one of the several plans available. The basic plan starts from Rs.500 and here you cannot stream anything in HD. Also, your consumption is limited to a single screen at a time. The price increases depending upon the quality and the number of devices on which the service can be run simultaneously. The recommended speed for 4K streaming is a minimum of 15 Mb.

Once you confirm your plan, you can create your user profile. One interesting feature of Netflix is that it allows you to create up to five different profiles corresponding to five different members of your family in a single account. This helps each member to create a personalised experience based on the type of movies and shows they enjoy. There is also the flexibility of switching between these profiles at your will.

All in all, it is an excellent app to enjoy an unlimited dose of movies and shows to watch.

Netflix Alternatives & Similar Apps Like Netflix for Android

Netflix Alternatives: Netflix is one of the top-notch players in the video streaming industry. It has successfully set its footprints with the benchmark of live steaming, original content and TV programs. It is one of the service providers, which allow you to view TV shows and movies at a very reasonable rate. The industry has also got many other service providers in the same segment; they are also not behind in the race. They also tend to supply the same stuff with the only difference in mode of delivery. For instance, some are ad-based, while others are subscription based. This article discusses about some Netflix alternatives that you can opt for, which are worth your money and time.

Netflix Alternatives & Similar Apps Like Netflix for Android


  • Hulu Plus

Practically, Hulu is one of the toughest contenders of Netflix and one of the high quality service providers in the industry. It was launched in the year 2008 and has succeeded in creating a rich network in TV channels. The only aspect wherein Hulu raises its shoulders and brags is its capacity to air current TV episodes; however, they are broadcasted after one day. Their only USP is the Criterion collection, but the rest of its content like the House of Cards or Daredevil is not so happening. The offerings are quite meagre as compared to Netflix.


Hulu content is completely free if you are viewing it on your PC, but you have to open a paid account in case you want it to stream on other devices and it would cost you around $7.99/month. Also remember that paying for it will not debar you from seeing the commercial during the streaming.

  • Amazon Instant Video

Amazon Instant video is one of the solid alternatives to Netflix as it has something that is quite unique than the offerings that the other players have. It is availed by paying for one year and offers you with an amazing content library with 2 days free shipping combined with many more unbelievable perks.


The show got a substantial hype for the broadcast of HBO past content, which were also broadcasted with Netflix, but the matter of fact is that right now it is planning to move towards creating its original content and recently it came with a new show from Top Gear Gearguys. Amazon Instant Video is a collection of free and paid content; it is very easy to buy and rent videos and add to your library.

  • YouTube

One of the toughest competitors in market, YouTube is a channel meant for amateurs. It is really a channel that is quite serious about delivering its viewers with a vast array of TV shows and legal movies. It offers real HD and SD level videos. It’s a great alternative for Netflix.


These are the top three service providers in the industry, which have affixed their spots prominently as some strong Netflix alternatives. If you are not able download Netflix, you can try out one of these.

Download Netflix App – The Best Choice for TV Shows and Movie Streaming!

Download Netflix App: Netflix is one of the versatile content streaming service providers, which is leading the industry now. Though there are many tough players in the market, Netflix is known for its original content and has won the hearts of millions of viewers in a very short span of time. Many people ask how to use and download Netflix – it is a smooth-sailing process that anyone can do.

Netflix can be very easily run on any type of device like Android, Windows 8 and iOS Mac. Downloading and installing the app is very easy. You just need to go to the Play Store and search for Netflix. Once you find it, it is a matter of few clicks only. You can also download it to your PC or laptop to watch shows on big screen.

Download Netflix App:



The advantage of Netflix is that it can be viewed from anywhere. All you need to have is internet connection on your device. Some of the series from Netflix are really amazing. The USP of the app is that it specialized in creating its own content. Programs like Suits, House of Cards and Modern Family are highly proclaimed worldwide and this is what took the app to its next level of success. It has a vast array of documentary presentations also. The opportunity to stream thousands of movies is just so smooth sailing that it is simply unbelievable. And the best part is that the content presented by Netflix has really great quality and all are in HD quality. The app is compatible with most of the devices. In case you do not have the app, it can be enjoyed directly from the website.

With the help of a simple internet connection, you can enjoy watching your favourite shows on the app to the fullest. The company has developed the app in various versions so that it is compatible with multiple devices. It can be conveniently downloaded on any smart TV or can be also viewed through Play Station, Nintendo or X-Box and of course on your PC, Blueray players and Chromecast. It can also be enjoyed on any type of smartphone.


The Netflix library is loaded with such a vast volume of amazing collection that more often its viewers get confused and never stopping scrolling down. The Netflix presenters have made it easy by rating the programs as per viewer recommendation. It is easy for any viewer to choose his or her favourite show and watch.

Today, Netflix is available in over 130 countries; however, the content varies from country to country and region to region. The app is loaded with diverse programs based on the regional demand and every now and then the app library gets updated with regional content to engage its vast array of users.

Even though the industry is flooding with other players like YouTube and Amazon Instant, the craze for Netflix is really distinct and it is due to its quality of content.

Netflix for PC, Laptop on Windows 7, 8.1 & 10 – Free Download

Netflix for PC: Netflix is one of the most popular apps for streaming television shows, serials and new movies on your Android gadgets. It’s a great subscription app service that gives unlimited access to your favourite shows at low monthly prices. If you want to enjoy watching the same on a bigger screen, you can download Netflix for PC or laptop for an ultimate experience.

With access to a lot of movies and television shows, the range includes documentaries, blockbuster movies, indie shows, award-winning original home-grown series, and also some movies made by the service itself. What makes Netflix even more interesting to try is that the app starts making recommendations, which turn out to be more and more precise the more you view as it collects suggestions taking into consideration similar genres and movies in addition to the libraries of other users who have also viewed your shows. On the other hand, you can also browse for various tiles across hundreds of sub-genres.

Netflix for PC on Windows 7, 8.1 & 10 – Download


Netflix offers high quality HD streaming similar to the website edition and also permits for multiple profiles for every family member. However, the streamed show or movie quality depends totally on the speed and stability of your internet connection and the tier that you have selected while subscribing.

In the following sections, learn how to download Netflix on your computer.

Download Netflix for PC:


Here’s the step-by-step procedure that you need to follow to download Netflix for PC.

  • To start with, install an Android emulator like BlueStacks on your PC. With this, you will be able to get Netflix app for PC. Visit the official BlueStacks website to install it on your computer.
  • Ensure that your computer is equipped with the latest graphic edition.
  • Access BlueStacks app that you have downloaded on your PC. Open it and find out the search icon.
  • In the search box, type as ‘Netflix App’. Right beneath the search field, you will find the option ‘Search play for Netflix app’. Click on it.
  • This will redirect you to Play Store. From here, choose the app that you want to install.
  • Select the option Install. Wait for a while to finish the app installation.
  • Go to the home page of BlueStacks. Click on All Apps and look for Netflix here. Once you find it, you can start using it.


That’s it! You can now start watching your favourite TV shows and movies on your PC. Before subscribing, you can opt for the one-month trial. If you are happy with the app’s features, later you can subscribe for Netflix and continue watching movies on your PC or laptop.

If you face any problem while trying to download Netflix through BlueStacks, the alternate way would be to download and install the Netflix APK file on your PC. Once you’ve installed it, right click on the APK file and select ‘Open with BlueStacks App Player’. This way, Netflix will automatically get installed on your PC.

Whether you use Netflix on your compact Android phone, tab or PC, you are sure to have a great experience watching your favourite shows whenever you feel like seeing.

Netflix App for iPhone, IOS, iPad & Mac – Free Download

Netflix is basically an American MNC that was founded in the year 1997 in California by two people namely Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings. The firm deals with media streaming plus the online on-demand videos. A few years ago, Netflix had included movie and TV production along with online distribution. There have been a lot of people who are looking for ways to get Netflix for iPhone. First and foremost, there are no video download services from Netflix.

Netflix App for iPhone & Mac – Download


Therefore, if you wish to download some movies from Netflix by making use of some of the 3rd party downloader, then you should ensure the following:

  • The DRM protection is not there on the downloaded Netflix movies. In case there is any, you have to remove it.
  • You will have to ensure that the video format in which the downloader has saved the Netflix movies goes well with iPhone compatibility. If not, you will have to convert the downloaded video in your iPhone. iPhone supports some of the popular file formats like the MOV, M4V, MP4 and also some special AVI.
  • The resolution is high and best for viewing videos on your phone.

In case downloads are not compatible on iPhone, you can use iSkysoft Converter for Mac. With the super fast conversion speed, the Mac app lets you to convert the video in any sort of format pretty quickly on Mac. For iPhone, you will be able to find an optimized preset; that is to say, you need not set the resolution or bit rate, or even out format all by yourself.

  • You can convert the videos with good quality.
  • It supports converting a lot of video formats, which includes AVI, MP4, FLV, WMV and so on
  • You will be able to change audio file formats easily.
  • It is perfectly compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 version or the newer versions.

How Can You Convert the Downloaded Netflix Movie into iPhone-Compatible Format?

  • Adding Netflix videos: To start off with, you need to be dragging a dropping the downloaded Netflix movies on to the Mac converter (video). This program lets you import various videos in one batch for saving time.
  • Choosing iPhone as the Output Device: In the process, you will have to choose iPhone as the output device. If needed, you will be able to edit the Netflix videos prior to converting it. You will also be able to merge a lot of videos into just one.
  • Begin the Converting Process: Now you can click on the convert option for converting the Netflix videos into a format that is compatible with iPhone. You then have to plug in your iPhone to the Mac and then start importing the converted files into iTunes. Once that is done, you will have to sync them into the iPhone.

That’s about it; you are now done with the process. You can now chill out and watch videos.